Company Info

Hello, we are Séfu. We create functional clothing that accents human beauty. The Séfu imprint is registered to DX Global Holdings Ltd, our business and investment unit based in Columbus Ohio, USA. Our design studio (Studio Interrupt) is located in Osaka, Japan.

Studio Interrupt Ltd
Tele+ Building, Room 411
2-6 Kori Kitanocho, Neyagawa City, Osaka Prefecture, Japan 572-0080



The Séfu Name

Séfu (pronounced sey foo) can be interpreted as “Safe” (セーフ) or as “Fresh Breeze” (清風) in Japanese — which are two of the three design goals of our initial line of products (the third is to look great).

Séfu founder Thomas Grové also wanted to reference his son’s name: Ryusei. He took the sound “Sei” and changed the romanization to “Sé” to reference his family name.

Our Design Philosophy

We use goal driven design to create functional clothing that accents human beauty. Goal driven design means that we start each product or line with a set of goals that must be satisfied. Normally this means that we see a need that isn’t being met and we set out to create a solution that solves that need.

We build products using the best materials and craftsmanship that we can find. We over-engineer everything. Our products are built to last. We prefer to sail in uncharted waters, setting trends instead of following them. We define new product categories.

We’re not really a fashion company in a traditional sense (where new collections come out every season). Instead we are more like an automotive company or a consumer electronics company. We spend significant time in R&D to develop great products that provide value for many years and make incremental improvements from year to year based on customer feedback.

We want you to look and feel like an action hero: badass and sexy.

Meet Our Team

Thomas Grové

Creative Director