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Séfu Switch Bag — 250% Funded

The Séfu Switch Bag – Fully Funded in 16 Hours

Just one week ago (July 23, 2018), Séfu launched their first Kickstarter at 9:30 AM EST. Within 16 hours the project was fully funded, reaching its USD $15,000 funding goal. Just three days later, the team had doubled their funding goal. Now, seven days after the launch of the campaign, the project has reached 250% of its funding goal.

Thomas Grové, the bag’s designer and Séfu’s founder had this to say: “Our entire team has been thrilled by the response of our community and success of the campaign so far. What started as a passion project, as a gift for my son, is going to be in the hands of people from around the world. As a creator I can think of no greater satisfaction than sharing my work with others and having it improve their daily lives.”

The Switch Bag has hit a chord with practical and fashion conscious gamers looking to carry their Nintendo Switch with them in a bag that doesn’t scream “gamer”. The bag’s design goes beyond the typical thinking of “let’s use cheap materials to make a cumbersome bag that holds the Switch and all of its accessories”. The Séfu Switch Bag (which claims to be the best bag for the Nintendo Switch) instead goes with a minimalist approach. The bag is just large enough for the Switch and a few daily essentials. A removable center divide does triple duty: it holds 12 game cartridges, it protects the screen of the Switch, and it creates an additional large compartment suitable for easy access to wallet, keys, mobile phone, etc.

When users don’t want to bring their Switch with them, they can remove the center divide (it’s held in place by magnets) to create a larger space suitable for most mirrorless cameras.

What some Switch users see as a negative (lack of pockets, zippers, relatively small size), backers of the campaign have seen as the selling point. A no nonsense bag (some have even called it a purse) that looks great on both men and women. The Switch Bag compliments its simple yet functional design with high quality materials and components.


Simple, In Three Versions

The Deluxe Switch Bag is perhaps the only Nintendo Switch bag on the market made with 100% leather inside and out. At the time of this press release the Deluxe bags account for 24% of the project backers but 43% of funds raised. It includes classic brass hardware and a layer of Poron XRD Extreme Impact Protection foam on all sides sandwiched between the cowhide exterior and suede lambskin interior. Despite being 100% leather and 100% hand made (even hand sewn) it comes in at a comparable price point with other high end Switch bags that only partially use leather.

The Pro Switch Bag features Cordura Brand Nylon 66, well known for its durability. At the time of this press release the Pro bags accounts for 66% of the project backers and 50% of funds raised, clearly showing that fashion conscious gamers are looking for quality and value. It’s $45 Early Bird price point (a $20 savings on their MSRP) is significantly higher than most function-over-fashion bags available at toy stores or online. Séfu justifies the premium price point by using premium materials, components, and superior design. The Pro Switch Bag also include a removable center divide, a suede micro-fiber interior, a layer of Poron XRD along the bottom, and custom metal hardware similar to that found in high end fashion brands.

The Standard Switch Bag is the least popular version on the campaign with only 9% of the project backers and 6% of the funds raised. Séfu isn’t sure why this is. They hoped the lower price point would allow more people to get into their brand, but perhaps the market they are resonating with is less concerned about price and more about security. The Standard Switch Bag shares most of the same design cues as the more expensive Pro and Deluxe bags, even the same custom metal hardware, but it lacks the Poron XRD impact foam (it uses typical EVA foam), and uses magnets instead of magnetic buckles for its lid closure. One backer had this feedback: “All in all I liked the minimalist style of the Standard, but was afraid that the lid may open easily, so I had to change my mind and opt for the Pro for the buckle’s extra protection.


What others are saying about the Séfu Switch Bag:

  • “I’m so excited about this bag. I was looking into buying a bag but wasn’t crazy about most of the bags on the market. Then I saw your video and loved the look of it.” — Michi, backer from Portland
  • “The Sefu Switch Bag is the result of their ‘Functional Fashion’ mantra – integrating all the elements of what makes a carry great, together with a minimal and understated design to go with any outfit and go anywhere. The simple look is intentional to not draw eyes, but is pleasing to the eye when you do.” — Russell-Harvey Fernandez, One Tech Traveller
  • “Finally a bag that doesn’t advertise the fact you’re carrying a Nintendo Switch” — Hollis Jayden, member of a French Switch Group on Facebook
  • “There are countless Switch case options on the market these days, with a number of different companies stepping up to create their own console-protecting bags and pouches, and this new design is following that trend in style.” — Ryan Craddock, Staff Writer at Nintendo Life
  • “The removable center divider with built-in game storage is a big step-up, IMHO, and I prefer the look of these bags as compared to the Waterfield cases, especially the option of a full-leather exterior. It just looks classier (less rugged) to me.” — Kirbygirl, user comment at Nintendo Life


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For any follow up questions please contact Thomas Grové and the Séfu team at

About Séfu

Séfu develops functional fashion with design offices in Osaka, Japan and Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. They combine technical fabrics with human-centered design to create items that are both functional and beautiful. Their first mass-produced design is The Switch Bag — a designer carry solution for the Nintendo Switch. Séfu’s forthcoming Athena line of protective clothing combines Cordura Nylon for abrasion protection, Poron XRD Extreme Impact Protection foam, and airmesh for temperature control.


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