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Séfu Switch Bag — Kickstarter Launch

The Séfu Switch Bag – The best bag for the Nintendo Switch

Séfu proudly announces the first functional fashion bag for the Nintendo Switch. Unlike any other Nintendo Switch bag, the Séfu Switch Bag is simple, protective, elegant, and well-organized at the same time — whether you are traveling around town or around the world — this is the perfect travel companion for the Nintendo Switch. This stylish bag is launching today on Kickstarter, utilizing crowdfunding to help bring the project to life.

Séfu’s Creative Director and videogame industry veteran Thomas Grové (Sega, Digital Eclipse, Gameloft, Unity Technologies) started designing a bag for the Switch after a request from his son. Thomas and the rest of the Séfu team decided to develop their Switch Bag for a broader audience after noticing that there just wasn’t a comparable bag being made by anyone else.


A Designer Carry Solution for the Nintendo Switch:

When asked about the design Thomas said: “The goal was to create a bag that was better than any other Switch Bag in terms of style and daily convenience. It’s essentially a minimalist design that respects the form factor of the Switch, adding just enough extra space to carry your Dock, or five Amiibo, or your daily essentials.”

The team at Séfu realized that the most of the Nintendo Switch bags on the market were not aesthetically pleasing — but a bag isn’t only a functional object to transport something, it’s also a fashion accessory that expresses the personality and style of the owner. Why shouldn’t gamers have access to a fashion bag to carry their Switch? What’s the point to invest in an unsightly bag that you wouldn’t dare to wear if you didn’t have to carry your console?


Just The Right Size:

When Thomas and his team at Séfu started this project, there were only two categories of products to carry the Nintendo Switch: slim cases and messenger bags. The first is just big enough to carry the console but not enough to transport your daily essentials (wallet, phone, sunglasses, keys..). The second allows you to carry all the accessories of the Switch such as the dock or others items, but this type of bag is bulky and cumbersome. The Séfu Switch Bag allows you to carry more than just your Switch during your daily journeys (going to work or school, shopping, hanging out with friends, etc) while retaining a reasonably small size.


Useful Beyond the Life of the Switch:

It’s popular these days to be environmentally conscientious, especially in the fashion industry, but many companies don’t stop to consider the impact of making a product at all. Thomas and the Séfu team wanted to go further. That meant creating a bag that you can use for many years, even when you no longer use your Nintendo Switch. That’s why they designed all three models of The Switch Bag with with durable quality materials and a removable center divide, that not only makes accessing your games easier, it allows you to use the Switch Bag for larger items such as a mirrorless camera and a spare normal prime lens.


A Bag for Everyone:

The Switch Bag by Séfu comes in three variants: Deluxe, Pro, and Standard.

  • Deluxe: 100% leather and hand-made by skilled artisans. It features brass alloy hardware with a classic brass finish. Sandwiched between the exterior cow hide leather and the sheep skin lining is a layer of Poron XRD Extreme Impact Protection foam. At launch the Deluxe bag comes in three color choices: Vintage (light brown), Tan (brown), and Chocolate (dark brown). This is the perfect bag for the fashion conscious gamer. It’s the kind of thing that will look better as it ages and with proper care can last a lifetime.
    MSRP $180
  • Pro: Made with water resistant 500D Cordura Nylon, Fidlock magnetic buckles, and custom metal hardware. It comes in black or grey. It is a no compromises bag that uses the best materials we could find. The the bottom and sides of the bag contain a layer of Poron XRD Extreme Impact Protection foam.
    MSRP $65
  • Our Standard bag is also great! It shares the same overall design as our Deluxe and Pro bags but substitutes some of the more premium hardware for standard hardware. A broad spectrum of playful colors like orange or red will be voted on during the campaign.
    MSRP $50

Kickstarter backers will have a substantial discount off of the full retail price during the campaign.


About Séfu:

Séfu is a functional fashion brand founded in 2016 in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, by Thomas Grové, a former Game Designer. Séfu was established with the goal of creating functional clothing that accents human beauty. Each product or line with a set of goals that must be satisfied. Normally this means that we see a need that isn’t being met and we set out to create a solution that solves that need.

We build products using the best materials and craftsmanship that we can find. We over-engineer everything. Our products are built to last. We prefer to sail in uncharted waters, setting trends instead of following them. We define new product categories. We spend significant time in R&D to develop great products that provide value for many years and make incremental improvements from year to year based on customer feedback.


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Instagram/Twitter: @sefustyle



About Séfu

Séfu develops functional fashion with design offices in Osaka, Japan and Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. They combine technical fabrics with human-centered design to create items that are both functional and beautiful. Their first mass-produced design is The Switch Bag — a designer carry solution for the Nintendo Switch. Séfu’s forthcoming Athena line of protective clothing combines Cordura Nylon for abrasion protection, Poron XRD Extreme Impact Protection foam, and airmesh for temperature control.


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